Most varieties are hardy enough to grow in cool weather in mild winter locations like North Texas. Sow from late summer and early fall then again in early Spring to mid Summer. If allowed to flower (bolt) the small flowers are edible and very good pollinator attracters.
DIRECT SEEDING: Sow 1/8″ deep at 5 seeds/inch in rows at least 2″ apart for precise crop rows. OR broadcast sow for a more full and carpet like growing pattern. Mis other fast growing greens like baby kale or leaf lettuce for a salad mix garden. Arugula is a very fast growing leafy green crop.
TRANSPLANTS: If you buy transplants they can go into the garden along with direct sow to start a faster succession planting program. Plant or sow every 12 to 21 days for a longer harvesting season.

Flavor: spicy and sharp. Commercial large leaf arugula tends to be more mild while the chefs prefer the “Rocket or Wild” verities for the stronger spicy flavor. These leaves are serrated and smaller

DISEASES & PESTS:Flea beetles can be controlled by covering the crop with floating row covers with temporary hoops from the day of sowing to harvest. Prevent diseases with crop rotation and sanitation. Last resort is to use BT to kill aphids or beetles witch are the most common pests.
HARVEST:Harvest with a knife when leaves reach desired size, about 3-6″. Cut about an inch above the soil to allow for clean regrowth, making sure to cut above the basal plate. Cut again when plants are at desired size, 5-14 days depending on variety.
DAYS TO MATURITY: From emergence after direct seeding. Typically germinates within 5-7 days.