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Chef Jeramie Robison

Executive Chef
Thompson Hotel Dallas, TX.

I have had the pleasure of working with Urban Dirt Gardening Co. for over 3 years now. Piper was such a pleasure working with on conceptualizing our space to building it out so the garden can thrive. Piper worked through many hurdles due to our property still being under construction while building our gardens. She was able to get all materials up to our ninth floor terrace and get it up and running in a very little window of time. Piper even did a sun test to see how much sunlight the beds would be getting what needs to grow in what areas of the bed. She has a very knowledgeable and reliable team to keep the garden in perfect shape through all the Texas season changes as well. The team and I have really enjoyed having these herbs, flowers, and peppers to incorporate into our dishes and cocktails. I would hands consider Urban Dirt fCo. or your raise beds and I promise you that you would truly enjoy the process and product results.

Jon Weems

Commercial Property Manager: Regent Properties
Dallas, TX

I’ve worked with Urban Dirt both professionally and personally. They successfully installed a (5 figure $) large-scale culinary garden at a DFW office campus on time and on budget. Plants are thriving and looking beautiful, but most of all our chef is happy! I would highly recommend Urban Dirt for your commercial or residential garden needs. -2017

Chef Vijay Sadhu

LC Kitchen Plano, TX

Piper has been growing most of our Mediterranean herbs for over 3 years. This garden is just 20 steps from my kitchen and is a very great way to bring the campus employees into our restaurant.

Chef Robert Lyford

Patina Greens Restaurant and Home McKinney, TX.

Piper and Urban Dirt Gardening Company maintains our restaurant kitchen garden located in historic downtown McKinney. She makes us look good! I am amazed at the amount of food she can grow in a limited space. Piper is highly creative, easy to work with, and we would recommend her services to anyone . . . gardens for personal use or professional kitchens. -2017

Chef Adam West

Chef Adam West

Local Yocal Restaurant
– McKinney. TX.

Piper has been great to work with and really helped to make our outdoor space beautiful. Her attention to detail is great.

Cortney Haney
Community Manager Lincoln Centre 2023

Working with Urban Dirt Company for our herb and veggie gardens has been exciting, educational, and so much fun.  Piper brings extensive knowledge and expertise to every aspect of her work and she is an absolute joy to work with!

The thought that went into our garden planning and the quality of the materials used has made our space visually appealing and highly functional for both herb and veggie production as well as tenant engagement opportunities. Piper’s passion and expertise continue to be demonstrated through her ongoing attention to our thriving garden and her commitment to sharing her knowledge with our tenants through educational gardening workshops. 

We would highly recommend Piper and Urban Dirt Company to anyone looking to create a beautiful and productive garden space in an urban environment.

Speaking & Teaching

Susan J. Mitlyng

2021 Celina Garden Club

Everyone absolutely loved the Urban Dirt presentation at Celina’s Garden Club monthly meeting. Piper’s depth of knowledge, great enthusiasm, and energy was inspiring and contagious! Many of our members said Piper was one of our best guest speakers yet! We are eager for spring and new adventures in Gardening after Urban Dirt’s motivating presentation!

Debbie Loraine

2022 Sachse, TX. Garden Club

Piper Spoke at Fleur de Lis Garden Club in Sachse, TX in March. She talked about home gardening and did an amazing job! Piper has a wealth of knowledge and experience about raised bed gardening and is a delightful speaker!

Gayle Pond

President, McKinney Garden Club

Piper is great at communicating her passion for organic gardening in a residential setting!. She has exceptional knowledge of organic efforts, is full of energy, and teeming with ideas. Piper has presented to the McKinney Garden Club many times and is always a hands-down favorite!

Mark and Joanna Hensley

McKinney, Tx & Now Mississippi!

We recently purchased land in Mississippi to start an organic farm and garden. We had no idea where to start so we called Piper. She had previously designed a small cottage garden for us so we knew she was an incredible resource. She is intelligent and creative but also possesses deep experiential knowledge. Piper is kind, patient, and relatable. She is an excellent teacher with a gift for communicating essential information while also instilling and inspiring confidence in her client. If you hire Piper, you definitely won’t be disappointed. She is simply amazing!

Lea Ann Elder First Vice Regent 2023

On behalf of the John Ashton Chapter of DAR Daughters of the American Revolution, I want to thank you for being our March Speaker. Our members loved your garden presentation and had many comments about how interesting and unique your business is. I also heard from members who were so impresses with your personality and friendly demeanor. In short, you were a BIG hit and we are so grateful to get to know you!
DAR: Collin County TX. chapter 2023