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Culinary Gardener

We Service Hotels, Restaurants & Corporate Properties

We design, build and maintain
Commercial Culinary Gardens in North Texas

Professionally Managed Vegetable & Herb Gardens
on your property
Hotels – Restaurants – Corporate Properties

We are a Texas Certified
Female Owned Enterprise
Landscape: NAICS 541320

Our garden installations support the certification score cards for Fitwel
risk mitigation and wellness programs

What We Build

Not just any “ol vegetable garden…. We build “wow” gardens!

For our Chefs

Gardens for Hotel & Restaurant Locations:
Our top chefs in Dallas are driven by a unique need to explore flavor and textures!
If you want to stand out in the restaurant business in a large city full of options, like Dallas, your need to be great with menu development, good at sourcing talent, and a super star in the PR department.
Our urban chef gardens are the best way to build your unique place in the competitive foodie landscape. The gardens can offer access to fresh ingredients for test menus or bar programs.

Property Managers

Gardens for corporate campus sites & commercial developments:
Your job is to give your tenants the best possible experience. You need a “wow” factor and not just an average amenity. You need to showcase your commitment to the health and wellness of your tenants. The hurdle to “return to work” is is getting higher. A food garden hits several check boxes as a green amenity!
Gardens qualify for 4 to 6 points on the Fitwel Certification Program!
Food gardens offer a unique outdoor setting that can incorporated onsite chefs and/or wellness programs.

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