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Why Vegetable Gardens:

Est. June 2016
Started in McKinney, Texas Downtown Historic District.

After moving to McKinney from Northern Colorado in 2015, I began to look for opportunities to create a unique business. I had been part of a large group of home gardeners back in Loveland, CO as well as a founding member of the NOCO Urban Homestead Tour. The tour raised funds for a youth gardening program in Northern Colorado and is currently going on 9 years strong.

Urban Dirt Co. started in 2016 to build and promote raised bed gardening as a business because there is a lack of actual food gardening / edible landscape professionalism and consistent regional growing information. As an edible landscaping company, we are able to formalize and foster best practices in urban food gardening. This allows our clients to experience a higher level of consistent vegetable gardening success in their homes and business locations.

The reason we build raised bed gardens for corporate locations, restaurants, and homeowners is to reveal a glimpse of the effort, processes, and delight of growing some of your own food. You will probably not feed your family 7 days a week from your home garden. However, the 2 or 3 meals a week you might harvest and prepare will give you incredible insight and awareness of the task of growing food crops. The skills, effort, and sheer determination of gardeners is a lost art, and we are here to re-enforce the old familiarity of “dirt under the fingernails”! We are a business that operates for profit to support our families and for the purpose of developing more successful vegetable gardeners in North Texas. Our primary business is building and managing culinary gardens for commercial sites, however we offer consultation and advice to home gardeners thru our workshops & online tools. To date (2022) we have built over 200 garden beds in the Dallas area.

We hold an America First Philosophy ..….PERIOD!


Our Team


Founder, Working Owner.

Texas Master Gardener, and life-long small, local business advocate. Responsible for sales & building strategic partnerships to promote edible landscaping and food gardening spaces for the Urban Dirt Gardening Co.

Established in 2016, The UD co. is the premier edible gardening landscape company in the DFW area.

Darrin Waddle

2x4 Elevated salad box.

Long time digital designer and creative mastermind, Darrin is the the drive behind our digital platform. He is our home grower and the force behind our cut flower program.


COmmercial Gardener

A busy mother of 2 boys and avid bug researcher, Megan has been with us for several years. She also works for the City of Allen horticultural department which gives her an incredible insight to managing the North Texas growing seasons. Experienced in hydroponic as well as soil gardening and has a deep understanding of the IPM programs for food gardens.

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