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Our designs are often included along with the landscape architect of record. Generally we are building raised bed structures in an open public space. We have several materials we use for commercial installations. First, is a recycled concrete pressed panel. Second is metal or Corten planter boxes.


Garden bed installation includes the bed materials, organic soil from local vendors and seasonal plants. We install drip irrigation inside each planter box to ensure the highest success of our food crops. We often are connecting into the onsite irrigation system, which we plan out in advance with a Texas licensed irrigator or the onsite landscape service provider.


The gardens are managed weekly all year around. We have several professional gardeners who service the locations for plant health, pest management, and harvesting. We remove and re-plant seasonal food crops 3 times a year . We plant vegetables, herbs and edible flowers for culinary uses.

Commercial Garden Installation

Case Study -Our 23 bed garden build for Chef Jr. Borges and his Meridian Restaurant in Dallas, TX. March 2019

Case Study -Our 23 bed garden build for Chef Jr. Borges and his Meridian Restaurant in Dallas, TX. March 2019

In March 2019 the health scare was just taking hold of the country, BUT in Texas we were business as usual! We were hired by Manhattan Construction Co. to build a large culinary garden for the new development of the Village Hospitality complex. The garden was to be used exclusively for the chef-driven restaurants managed by executive chef and director of culinary Jr. Borges. His flagship location, The Meridian, has since been named restaurant of the year by D. Magazine and Chef Borges is honored to be named a James Beard finalist 2022. The connection to the garden is primarily used for menu development and to provide herbs and edible flowers for the nightly service & unique bar program.

The build out started in June 2019 with the delivery of 6 pallets of Durable Green Bed garden box systems. These 2×4 foot panels are a recycled wood-chip concrete slurry mixture. pressed into panels the beds are assembled onsite with aluminum corners. Then filled with 45 yards of organic Texas Pure Products soil mix. We irrigated the garden with 1000 feet of drip irrigation line, and plant new edibles 4 times a year. We completed this project in 30 days but worked along side the continued construction for over a year. Now that the campus is fully open to the public Urban Dirt Co continues to service the gardens weekly.

We service this large garden 2 times a week 52 weeks a years! We provide help with harvesting, however the restaurant staff can be seen daily taking samples for the kitchen to create the world class menu.

Urban Dirt Gardening Co. is fully insured and offers project/ client specific COI’s.
We are a Texas Certified Woman Owned Enterprise NCTRCA # WFWB21899N0324
We currently manage over 70 garden beds in DFW.
We have been featured in DFW Edible Magazine