Garden and Homestead Products we use

These are products and companies we buy from and support. You can purchase here through our site via an affiliate program and Urban Dirt will receive a small fee for the referral.


Rain Water Collection

These galvanized  water collection barrels are a unique and effective tool for collecting rain water. The stylish look will add to any homes urban appeal and will be 100% full in a mater of a few rain storms. 750 gallon and 1500 gallon versions available along with a wood stand and a down spout connection. Installed by Urban Dirt Company.


container garden Organic Soils // amendments

This Soil Mender brand is what we use when we install a raised bed garden. You can purchase this at several reputable retails
 you can buy directly from Urban Dirt and we will deliver to your location.
Raised Bed Soil Mix      $13 a bag delivered
Potting Mix 109             $19.50 a bag delivered
Expanded Shale            $13.50a bag  delivered (40 lbs. bag)
Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade  $12.50 (1 gal jar)


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