Garden service packages.

Once Urban Dirt installs and plants your garden you may decide you need a bit of help along the way. We offer weekly, monthly and seasonal maintenance plans to work alongside of you or to manage the garden fully. 
In some cases we do soil sample tests, site assessments for optimal growing and rain water collection

Average $125 monthly to $250 and up for commercial plans
Subscription plans available too!
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based on number of planters and needs of client as well as location of visit. 


Commercial // Custom plants.

Many of the seasonal vegetables, herbs and leafy greens can be grown in our company greenhouse (which is in our back yard!) . These are small batches of plants that are used in the restaurant and/or commercial boxes and are not intended for production use. This gives us a way to grow edibles that are closely related to your menu or business theme and can help promote the fresh "plant to plate" feel of your restaurant or kitchen setting.