Commercial Garden Services


Restaurant Culinary gardens

Plant small batches of culinary herbs for your bar or leafy greens to showcase your kitchen’s healthy choices. Promote your “plant to plate” or “seed to shaker” concept by using some of your onsite grown plants, we can help!
Once Urban Dirt Co. installs and plants your garden you may decide you need a bit of help along the way. We offer weekly, monthly and seasonal maintenance plans to work alongside of you or to manage the garden fully. (Pest management, water/irrigation, seasonal planting and staff and customer education events)

$Pricing based on number of planters and needs of client as well as location of visit. 



New offering: Living Wall Gardens

Vertical Live Wall installed, planted and maintained by Urban Dirt Co. Available from Live Wall LLC.

We design the space and size to fit your location including lighting needs, plant selection, irrigation and crop rotation.

Average price point from $90 to $140 sq. ft. fully installed and planted.

Outdoor and indoor application with self contained water and soil containers. Easy to swap out individual planters. Soil based growing with self irrigation set up.

Harvested minutes from your kitchen the plant selection is wide enough to support herbs, leafy greens and edible flowers. Grow for your menu or your cocktail program!

Watch here: The Sovengard’s Beer Garden wall



AGRIHOODS from golf course to gardens.

Public Space Food gardens

HOA's // Corporate Campus // Learning Spaces // Hotels

We develop and build beautiful, long-lasting raised bed food gardens in common spaces. A production garden area of 8 to 12 beds can provide seasonal produce that can be used to host a hyper-local garden to table party amenity several times a year on you HOA property. We can provide the chef, catering service, and event promotion if desired. OR this can be a simple demonstration garden use as a property amenity and green space and produce could be donated.

 Corporate Sites:
We develop and build beautiful, long-lasting raised bed food gardens in common spaces. The food gardens can be developed for the company cafeteria or for the general use of the employees. High production culinary beds can provide seasonal produce used to provide hyper-local access to corporate chefs or dining services. Onsite garden classes as employee perks and or outdoor amenity.

Education gardens used for STEM programs or general outdoor activities are fantastic learning tools. Often funded by grants or private interest, these gardens offer tactile and visual learning opportunities. Existing Curriculum is available, or schools may create programs around seasonal growing and plant life cycles. In addition to participation in food cultivation ,water conservation, plant nutrition and soil maintenance are valuable skills acquired in gardening.

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