North Texas Planting Schedule Worksheet

Download NT Planting Schedule sheet here.
The following excel sheet is an adapted version created from the traditional Farmers Almanac, the USDA zone charts and several local nursery growing schedules. It is a unique growing schedule calculated for the North Texas climate and seasons. 

Irrigation Tips

Organic Pest Management Worksheet

Coming soon!               Download Pest Management Worksheet: 
The following information is researched and gathered from several organic growing sites, my own growing adventure as well as old school lessons from several homestead growers. It is primarily a natural based process but many organic and natural processes are often the first steps in science discovery. We do not promote toxic or chemical based products although many of them are in fact effective. We follow the ideas of a the healthy soil food web and the natural promotion of healthy soil creates healthy plants.

Plant Based Diet

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How Not to Die Book

Link to Edible Education Courses

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