restaurant boxes

Food gardens that represent items and/or recipes from your menu

Various combinations of patio boxes, balcony or window boxes and several unique wall hanging containers. Create fresh and clean displays of edible plants that will show of the unique cooking menu of the restaurant. Chefs can pair seasonal plants to popular dishes or simply have a host of locally represented herbs and veggies. 
Weekly, monthly, or seasonal maintenance packages available. Included is general upkeep and organic pest management, plant replacement and seasonal re-planting.

Coming  soon:  Planter cartridge. A subscription service that swaps out planters on a growing cycle. Edible plants can be harvested for your kitchen and a new mature planter will be installed once the old one is consumed.
For example: Radish / Arugula / Chives / Parsley

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Raised Bed Garden

Raised bed gardens with ornamental corners. 
Premium organic soil and  planted with leafy greens and herbs for both  Spring//Summer and late summer//Fall seasons.
Drip System with timer included.
Shade cloth and frame included.
Monthly service can be added as well in McKinney, Allen, Frisco or Prosper areas.

  • 4x4 is  $750
  • 4x8 is  $1200
  • Service every Week $125
  • Service twice a month $75

PAtio & Wall Garden Boxes.

Elevated cedar boxes that allow for garden tending while standing and wheel chair accessible. Boxes provided by Gardener's Supply and planted and assembled by Urban Dirt. Best suited for patio or apartment balcony gardening these sturdy planters come in many sizes from 2x4 to 2x8 or 4x4 for varied combinations and usages.
$465 to $750 assembly, planted w/ irrigation.

The bar box is a great addition to an event or restaurant space. Think craft cocktails and infused teas with hyper fresh herbs.
$1200 Bar installed and planted.

Tin wall planters come in black and patina galvanized. They are 4 feet long and shallow for succulents or small plants like strawberry.
$275 Sold in sets of 3: installed and planted.