Creating raised bed food gardens & edible landscapes


To have great plants and great results you need really great soil!
If you have a soil test results worksheet we can help you implement the suggested amendments.

We have a great resource for calculating common locally available soil amendments. We can give you a balanced soil amendment/fertilizer formula specific to your soil test suggestions.
Contact us or send your soil test results and we will create your custom amendment chart and can even blend a small batch mix for your garden or landscape.

$55 for custom amendment chart
$100 to $200 for custom blends for single season use

Suburban realities (AKA) Shaded Lots and plants that tolerate them.

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Micro climate mapping of your yard

Bonner St Fall cimate map.jpg

Growing edibles in suburbia

Micro climate mapping your yard to find specific spaces for edible plants to grow is the way.  No planting in farm rows here! If you have a little flexibility and want to  grow some of your own food you need to find spots in your yard that you didn' know where there.

Partial sun in the morning with afternoon shade ( zone B) still yields a great crop of parsley, cilantro or carrots.  We can help map your yard and give you crop specific choices for different micro climates in your yard.

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