Yard tours and grower profiles from North Texas

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Coming soon! Featuring start-up farmer Abundant Flowers

Located North of McKinney, TX in Blue Ridge is a family working to build a cut flower farm. Currently they have a flourishing floral design business by day and a full-time night shift W2 earner! Two adopted kids whose' life on the farm is what childhood adventures are made of. No shoes, no shirts, sometimes just flat out no clothes! Its luxurious county living at its best.  Anna and Chris intend to grow many of the florals she uses in her design business as well as turn the property into a revenue stream via private event rentals in 2019 ish! Like many farmer/growers they have to consider the trade-off of city convenience with the dream of rural living.

See them at https://abundantflowershop.com/contacts




To have great plants and great results you need really great soil!
If you have a soil test results worksheet we can help you implement the suggested amendments.

We have a great resource for calculating common locally available soil amendments. We can give you a balanced soil amendment/fertilizer formula specific to your soil test suggestions.
Contact us or send your soil test results and we will create your custom amendment chart and can even blend a small batch mix for your garden or landscape.

$55 for custom amendment chart
$100 to $200 for custom blends for single season use


Suburban realities (AKA) Shaded Lots and plants that tolerate them.

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Micro climate mapping of your yard

Bonner St Fall cimate map.jpg

Growing edibles in suburbia

Micro Climate Mapping:

Determine where in your yard to plant edibles to be the most successful. Not everything needs to be in a traditional row by row garden. You can use micro climate mapping to create an edible landscape that both looks beautiful and is useful to your kitchen. Many plants thrive in unconventional spaces yet we are trained to think that vegetables and herbs need to be "off" by themselves.
Micro climate mapping divides the yard into zones then creates a list of edible plants that grow well in those zones.
You get the color zone map, the plant growing list along with irrigation needs and suggestions.
$125. Purchase and schedule here.

Based on the square footage of your home foot print and the number of downspouts available your will get a water collection report. You will get a resource list for help in the purchase decision of rain collection materials as well as how to use the rain water in your garden.
Included in Mapping Session // $55 stand alone
$145 Comprehensive soil test
Soil tests are sent to commercial lab for analysis. Review of suggested amendments and where to buy materials given in a full comprehensive report.

Amendment formula is specific to your test results.
$55 Test results amendment chart

If you already have a soil test worksheet, we can evaluate and give you a suggested formula using locally available and region specific amendments