Leafy Power Greens

Leafy Power Greens

 We build and maintain raised bed food gardens & edible landscapes

Reviving the art of neighborhood food cultivation and homestead works through
small batch gardening at a hyper local level.

Raised bed garden concept for the urban dweller who want easy access to nutrition-dense, leafy greens, without the grind and labor of building and/or maintaining the garden.
We build and service the Small Batch Garden monthly and seasonally. 



Small Batch Gardens (SMLbatch) are naturally grown, plant intense, raised bed, patio, and/or vertical gardens for urban dwellers to give them  convenient access to fresh and healthy food year round. We help folks to learn to garden and learn to cook! We desire to help people grow food in their own yard which we consider Hyper-Local. We intend to show folks that you can produce and consume fresh and highly nutritious food just feet from their kitchen! It will also give them the power to eat right and take control of their health.
Let Urban Dirt Co. kickstart your healthy food habit.


There is nothing more “Local” than your own yard!

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The Passion....

Chemical free fresh greens, herbs and space appropriate vegetables are staples in our home. We believe that eating healthy nutrition dense foods will change your life! Eating better will create a path for stronger bodies, and happier people. Period! The more home gardens we build the healthier our neighborhood will be.